Web filters

Safe internet access

It is essential to ensure Internet browsing security within educational enviroment, students must access to appropiated content at any time.

Parental control systems constantly monitor web browsing, YouTube and other applications effectively, no student is in danger and can make a proper use of his/her digital device, even outside school.

Web filtering inside and outside the school


Black and white lists for domains

Monitoring of youtube videos

Filtering policies

Internet access is secure 24 hours a day. Policies are defined through category-based filtering.


The system reports a complete navigation report to support possible cases of conflict.


The captures, with refreshing every 10 seconds, visually show the internet navigation of the equipment.


Outside of school hours, parents become supervisors of their children’s teams.


Classroom management

A powerful and simple tool for teachers which offers to manage students’ navigation and reports of it, to block devices if necessary or to see what students are watching in real time. Nowadays it is an indispensable tool in digitized educational enviroments.

Easy and powerful use by colour coding

Teacher - student messages

Selective blocking by devices and groups

Custom Profiles and Scheduled Tasks

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