Artificial Intelligence to improve coexistence

This innovative tool, created by WatsomApp, is the first online method in the world that detects and prevents bullying.

Its operation is based on the IBM Watsom Assistant engine, and has its permanent support both in Spain and in the United States.

Students access the web portal to play the “Friendship Game”. Their way of interacting provides information that allows measuring potential risks in the classroom or detecting specific problems such as social isolation or gender segregation.

Reduces bullying by 40%

For students between 8 and 15 years old

Improves coexistence in the school

3 different tests throughout the year

Early detection of conflicts

Watsom IBM

Artificial Intelligence AI

Watsom Assistant is able to dialogue and learn in real time from the conversation with the students. Makes patterns and analysis within the context that interests us. Children feel free to speak without fear of possible reprisals, regardless of the seriousness of their context. IBM’s artificial intelligence allows us to analyze even the tone of voice to know its mood.

Asistant One robot

If any student feels intimidated or embarrassed when communicating and offering reliable data about their personal situation, we have the help of the One

This charming virtual assistant breaks the barrier and suspicion that may exist between child and adult, and allows to obtain information that otherwise would be very complicated.

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